Trudy and Max in Love
South Coast Repertory

Tate Ellington, Michael Weston and Celeste Den in South Coast ReDen’s comic flamboyance scores laughs” – LA Times


Celeste Den and Tate Ellington add spice and humor playing a collection of friends, oddballs and others.” – OC Register


Celeste Den lights up the stage (as she did in “Chinglish”) in a series of supporting roles” – Examiner


[Celeste Den’s] comedic talents steal the scenes hands-down when she portrays Rochelle, a sex-starved, predatory cougar who tries to seduce any male writer that enters the writer’s room for the first time.  And she also displays a combination of tenderness and vulnerability as Trudy’s friend Christine, who helps pick up the pieces of her friend’s destroyed life. These diverse portrayals really highlight Den’s discipline as an artist.” – LA Splash


Celeste Den and Tate Ellington provide strong emotional support for the main characters in a variety of assignments, both receiving ample opportunity to display their talents, often in scene-swiping style.” – Huntington Beach Independent


Celeste Den as the Other Woman shows great versatility with minimum effort. She is loud and abrasive and funny as Rochelle…she also has the play’s most touching scene as Christine.” – StageHappenings


Trudy and Max in Love“And, as expected, Den once again proves herself to be a crackerjack addition to any cast, as she has been in recent appearances in SCR’s productions of CHINGLISH and DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Here she morphs distinctively from snobby to sassy to sympathetic effortlessly playing various female roles throughout the dramedy (plus she looked gorg in that wedding dress).” – Broadway World


“Supporting characters are brought to vivid life in a series of incisive cameos by SCR newbie Tate Ellington and SoCal favorite Celeste Den…Den is every bit as impressive as an ill­-tempered waitress, as writer (and Billy’s ex) Rochelle, and as Trudy’s man-­crazy friend Christine. (Kudos to SCR, director Neugebauer, and casting director Joanne DeNaut, CSA, for casting Den, not because her roles were “written Asian”—which they’re not—but simply because she’s so darned good.)” – StageSceneLA

Berkeley Repertory Theatre & South Coast Repertory
2012 & 2013

“The entire cast is top­notch, but we have to give a special mention to hilarious mugging and comic timing of supporting player Celeste Den, who had us breathless with laughter in two of her main scenes.” – SFist
“I must give a special shout-out to [Celeste] Den who, early in the first act steals the show as Daniel’s first in a series of hired translators, Miss Qian. Whether speaking in Mandarin or humorously honest English, her mixed bag of facial expressions speak volumes in the universal language of laughter. Give this girl a sitcom role, stat!” – BroadwayWorld
“Inevitably, the funniest moments are when the translators (Celeste Den, Austin Ku, and Vivian Chu) allow themselves liberties with what has been spoken, often to the amazement of the speaker who is confounded by the knuckleball reply.” – LA Times
“Director Leigh Silverman sounds each comic style Hwang touches – from romantic to political to screwball – while letting the deeper strata resonate…Celeste Den is hilarious as the idiom-challenged translator” – TheaterTimes
“It’s a tale crisply and handsomely told…Celeste Den, Austin Ku and Vivian Chiu fill the tale with brightly  depicted Chinese officials, translators and functionaries.” – San Francisco Chronicle
“The actors’ fluency and eloquence of the adapted dialogue is a feat to behold, as well as their group chemistry on stage…Vivian Chu, Austin Ku, and especially Celeste Den—wonderfully demonstrate their diverse talents as they portray multiple roles.” – LA Splash
“A trio of actors appear in multiple roles to impressive effect. Best of the bunch is [Celeste] Den, having a field day as the gauchest (and most gun ho) interpreter
imaginable, and later as the sharp-as-her-spike-heels Prosecutor Li.”
– StageSceneLA

“Leigh Silverman’s smart, stylish staging launches the company’s 2012/13 season on a hilarious high…
Celeste Den, Vivian Chiu and Austin Ku score as various aides and translators” – SF Examiner
“Director Leigh Silverman has assembled a great cast of actors, obtaining brisk performances from the seven member ensemble…Celeste Den as Miss Qian and Prosecutor Li, and Austin Ku as both Bing and Judge Geming give spotless performances.” –

Wild Swans
American Repertory Theatre & Young Vic Theatre

“Wild Swans offers spellbinding snapshots of China…Celeste Den’s Ting, a devout follower of Mao, gives the play a tense and combative energy…her brutal loyalty exemplifying the era’s political fervor.” – The Milford Daily News (Boston)


“Wild Swans has an enormous supporting cast and credit is due to Julyana Soelistyo, Celeste Den, and Annie Chang. Each of their performances was nuanced and added heart to the show. We could feel them growing with each event and see it etched on their faces.” – A Younger Theatre (London)

Laws of Sympathy
Playwrights’ Arena

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“A knockout cast under Jon Lawrence Rivera’s economical direction gives a human heartbeat to Oliver Mayer’s ‘message play’…angry assistant Betty (Celeste Den) provides some much needed color and humor throughout the play.” – LA Weekly

The Joy Luck Club
East West Players

“Rivera gets an array of lovely performances, with particularly striking turns from Celeste Den, Karen Huie, and Emily Kuroda.” – LA Weekly
“The women of the cast offer strong, ensemble performances…Celeste Den is commanding as Waverly Jong, whose mother, Lindo (Karen Huie) shines with Chinese common sense.” – Asia Journal

Industry says…


“Celeste is fiercely funny and she keeps everyone around her on their toes. She is a smart, infinitely dynamic, generous performer and also a terrific collaborator.”

– Leigh Silverman, Stage Director


“Celeste Den has a range that encompasses the hilariously comic to the fiercely dramatic with all the colors in between.  She is incredible in an ensemble – works tirelessly and is just a complete joy to work with. I think she’s a major talent.”

– Amy Potozkin, Casting Director of Berkeley Repertory Theatre


“Celeste Den is one of the most rigorous and imaginative actors I have encountered. She is a leader and a bright light in any process.”

– Travis Preston, Artistic Director of Center for New Performance


“Celeste is a theatrical force. She is gifted with an enormous capacity to create multi-layered performances. Working with her on THE JOY LUCK CLUB and LAWS OF SYMPATHY was a complete joy. She comes to rehearsals prepared with strong ideas about her characters. She is a true collaborator – willing to explore choices at every turn of the process and beyond.”

– Jon Lawrence Rivera, Artistic Director of Playwrights’ Arena


“Celeste is a force – fiercely determined, graciously and generously collaborative, prepared and centered. I cherish the time I’ve spent working with her on past projects and look forward to decades more.”

– Terence McFarland, Stage Director & President of LA Stage Alliance


“Celeste Den is both a rock and a flowing stream. Substantial, powerful and true, she provides weight and strength on stage and off. Curious, quick-moving, and a bit of a trickster, she flows with life from rehearsals to performance. As lead actress in two of my plays, Celeste brought passion and intelligence into her scene work, as well as sexuality and a spirit of mystery.”

– Oliver Mayer, Playwright